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[07 Nov 2011|09:43pm]
Andy told me that when I pushed our child's head out into the world his eyes were wide open, just looking around. He said our baby looked like a fat little Hawaiian when he popped out. God do I wish I would have had the sense to tell people to take some pictures while I was in labor. I would have loved to been able to see that!!!
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Henry's birth [06 Feb 2011|12:12am]
I was due December 12. I had a prenatal appointment on Thursday, December 2nd. Andy had been up all night trying to finish up his last screen printing jobs before the baby was born. He was exhausted and needed to sit this appointment out. He had been to every appointment with me. Before I left the house I kissed him goodbye as he laid in our bed, which was already in the living room. He had hauled it down by himself just a day or two before. As I stood by the door I turned to him and said "Rest up now while you can because today's the day!" I didn't think it really was though!

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I just announced the winner on my blogspot! [03 Feb 2010|08:17pm]
Hi everyone! For anybody who entered my giveaway contest.....I announced the winner over on my blogspot so check it out.

Give Away Winner!
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Please come check out my new blog......there's a giveaway! [01 Feb 2010|09:03am]


I'm trying to transition from Livejournal over to blogspot. Please come check out my new blog! There's a Top Secret Surprise Apple Noggin Giveaway there!
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For Valentine's Day! [24 Jan 2010|07:54pm]


Assorted chocolates for Valentine's Day!

These are hand sewn plushy pins that are sure to delight the kawaii lover in your life!
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Web store that steals pics and sells YOUR creations! [21 Dec 2009|09:36am]
Are you an indie artist and/or Etsian? Better check out this web store and make sure they didn't steal any of your pics to sell your hard work as their own! They stole 2 of my tees and 4 of my necklaces! Since they are actually stealing people's photos and not just knocking off their designs, I'd be willing to guess if you were to order from them you won't even receive any items!

If you support Apple Noggin or indie artists please flood their customer service email with angry messages letting them know you do not take kindly to web stores that rip-off indie artists!
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Anyone have a natural toothpaste recipe to recommend? [19 Nov 2009|08:31am]
Anyone have a natural toothpaste recipe to recommend? I'm searching for one on google, but a lot of them call for glycerin. I personally don't consider glycerin that natural. Anyways, a simple recipe that doesn't call for glycerin. I'd be especially interested in any recipes that you've already been using for years with good results. Any tips or advice would also be appreciated. Thank you!
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I'm so angry right now. [23 Sep 2009|12:49pm]
I am seriously just a ball of anger today. I feel like I have roid rage. Really it's just stupid landlord rage. We have a stinky, probably molding on the inside, leaking kitchen ceiling with a big hole ripped in it......oh for the last OVER 2 MONTHS! Had a plumber come over 2 months ago and rip a hole in the ceiling. Landlord said they'd have him come back in a week to close it up, so it could dry. Never heard anything about it again till 2 months later when she came in through our basement trapdoor at 7:30 at night. And the rent happened to be 3 days late, but according to our landlord it was really about "being on top" of the ceiling situation. That was about 2 weeks ago and we never got any call or email saying when someone would be coming over to fix the leak and ceiling. I just called her and got her voicemail message.......I wish I could share this with everyone I know. I wasn't sure if she was leaving a voicemail message or a really peppy cheerleading cheer. I don't know what the fuck to do. I'm angry and feel like my rights are being violated, but we don't have the money or the time to take this to court.

Ug I needed to vent. Sorry for subjecting you guys to that much rage and negativity.
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WHOA CRAZY LANDLADY! [10 Sep 2009|01:40am]
Little background info first: We called our landlady about a leaky ceiling 3 days ago. She never called us back. No call, no message, no nothing. Our rent is 3 days late. We are really good tenants and pay rent on time, our schedules have just been crazy cuz of school, so we didn't get to the bank yet. Now onto the story....

So tonight Andy and I were in our basement screen printing shirts. We heard our dogs barking like crazy upstairs. Andy said "I think somebodies here". I said "I wonder who it would be". Andy said "Ahhh fuck it. I don't feel like dealing with anybody right now anways". I concurred. Then all of a sudden our landlady started walking towards us through our basement! She snuck in through the outside fucking trap door!!!!!!!

Andy was like "Uhhhhh what the fuck are you doing?" The landlady was like "Excuse me?!?" Andy repeats "What the fuck are you doing?". She started saying how she came over (at 7:30 at night through the trap door) to talk about rent being late and the leaky ceiling. Andy says "You don't just walk into someones fucking home" Psycho landlady says "I didn't know you felt that way!"

So later in the evening we get this email:

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 9:09 PM, <charlesroxbill@mchsi.com> wrote:

Good Evening Andrew,

When I came down to Sheboygan this evening, I had looked forward to talking
with you. I was going to be in town regarding another matter and thought I
would stop in to see the ceiling problem for myself and thought you would be
glad that we were on top of it. On the way down, I checked with my husband
on the rent as well. I was surprised when he looked it up and it wasn't in
the account, so I thought I would talk to you about that as well.

I couldn't have been more surprised and disappointed by your reception. I
really thought you would be glad to see me. Yes, 24 hours is required to
look at the ceiling. At the same time, 24 hours is not required to talk
with you about rent and I thought you would be glad to let me know what the
situation was. It would have been a good opportunity to build trust.

I do apologize for my words. I do care for the people we rent to. I can
say that, however, it is not okay to have that kind of reception when I am
at the house and that is not how I want to do business. I can also tell you
that an apology goes a long way with me.

In any case, please let me know what the situation is with the rent by
tomorrow. This is also to give you ample notice that Bill and I will be at
the rental on Saturday afternoon. We will be viewing the ceiling and the
furnace of the apartment.

I appreciated that the lawn was in good order.


Roxanne Charles

Our response:

You have a lot of nerve implying that we should apologize to you. You walked into our home through our basement trap door. Do you have any idea how weird, rude, disrespectful and violating that is? We were both shocked and startled. How would you feel if someone you have a business relationship with walked into your home unannounced. We were not expecting you, you did not even call us. We also would have looked forward to talking with you....if you had called at least a day ahead of time and asked if we were available, as what most people's etiquette calls for.

You were surprised and dissappointed by our reception? We were REALLY SURPRISED and DISSAPPOINTED that you just walked into our home at 7:30 at night, uninvited, and unannounced. It shatters our trust that you would walk into our home unannounced. You own this house, but it's our home. We have a right to our privacy. You completely violated our privacy. If you want to know about rent or the ceiling you are more than welcome to pick up the phone. You are not welcome to walk into our home or keep dropping by without letting us know. It's inconvenient to us, and it's inconsiderate.

We accept your apology for your words, but it seems like you think what you did was perfectly ok and it IS NOT. We will not apologize for our reaction because you completely violated our privacy and we think most people would react the same way to someone just walking into their home. We apologize for the rent being late this month. We realize this is an inconvenience to you and unprofessional of us. This is not something we will be habitual about. We will be paying rent tomorrow.

As for what sort of reception you receive when you come to the house....well I guess that depends. If you call us and let us know ahead of time you'd like to come, then the reception will be polite, friendly. and professional. If you sneak in through our basement trap door, the reception will be startled and angry. Normally receptions happen at the front door, not in someone's basement.

We have every intention of being polite and professional with you, but you need to be polite and professional with us. From now on we would appreciate if you called us at least 24 hours in advance before coming to our home and check to see if we are available.

We will be home Saturday afternoon, so you can come and look at the ceiling and furnace.

Andy and Jody
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All jewelry and accessory items are on clearance! [07 Sep 2009|11:59am]

*in the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club song* And now it's time to say goodbye to all our felt plushies!

That's right, the felt plushy pins and barrettes, and all the jewelry items are packing their bags and heading onto greener pastures. Apple Noggin will only be carrying super cute screen printed apparel from here on out. Just remember when one felt plush door closes, another spectacular door opens. ;)

All jewelry and accessories items are on clearance for DIRT CHEAP! Get em while you still can!

Regular Priced $5-$7 Earrings Special! Pick out 5 pairs of the regularly priced $5-$7 earrings for only 10 bucks! That's only $2 each! You can pay right away and I'll refund you the difference or you can request a revised invoice.*
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And now it's time to say goodbye.... [31 Aug 2009|10:38pm]
Or maybe see ya around?

I'm moving over to blogger. I hope you all will follow my new blog! It's going to be super fun, interactive, and cute. I want to write articles about Etsy biz tips, craft tutorials, post my newest creations, post cute pics from day to day life, interview artists and happy customers, hold contests and giveaways. So many things!

Here's the link....

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I need a MAJOR geek in a MAJOR way.... [30 Aug 2009|08:27pm]
Are there any computer geeks out there that can help me with my blogspot layout???

I know a little bit about html (very teeny little bit), but I have been trying for hours and I fail. I can describe what I want and come up with the graphics for it, but I have no idea where to put it in the code and what code to use.

Anybody out there willing to help me? I will pay you in candy.

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How To Be A Panda [30 Aug 2009|12:59pm]
Step 1. Be super adorables.

Step 2. Sleep cuddled up in a basket looking super adorables.

Step 3. Act completely shocked and be adorables when somebody sneezes.


Step 4. Dress from head to toe like a Panda and be super adorables.
kawaii panda,bear etsy,handmade accessories,shoes,cute fun

Super kawaii Panda Bear Felt Plushy Barrette from Apple Noggin.

The quintessential accessory for anyone who wants to be a panda, crocheted panda ear bonnet from CrimsonEtClover

I LOVE the 80s, I LOVE vintage, I LOVE pandas, and I LOVE extreme cuteness. So this Panda sweater from fuzzkinvintage is perfection!

Cutest jumper ever!!! Panda jumper from New York Couture.

Beautiful panda backpack from eclu.

A very cute way to take care of your sniffles! Tissue holder from JooSweetie.

I LOVE this panda scrabble tile ring from steppie so so much!

I've wanted these panda baby plush for a long time. Find them at y0omii.

If you want to dance like a panda you're going to need some pandas on your feet. I love these panda shoes from Em and Sprout.
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Making A Big Move! [29 Aug 2009|02:49pm]
After about 8 years on Livejournal I'm thinking about making the big move over to blogspot. I'm pretty sure you guys can still just follow me through your LJ friend's page. I have to look into everything and figure it all out yet. I know that I follow some blogs (like Heide Kenney's) that aren't on LJ, but I see them on my LJ friend's page.

Anybody else use blogspot too? Any tips, info, or advice?
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FREAKY FRIDAY! [28 Aug 2009|06:49pm]
kawaii halloween, cute,skulls,skull creepy,worm,wormy,purple,earrings applenoggin

I can't wait for Halloween! Every FREAKY FRIDAY till Halloween I'll be adding new cute & spooky creations to my shop. This FREAKY FRIDAY is Wormy Skull Earrings! Add a little kawaii to your Halloween this year!

I think this picture captures my excitement for Halloween best.
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Lately... [26 Aug 2009|08:48pm]
I've been busy lately. My college classes started back up last week. I had to get up at 6:30am today to shower and get ready for school. I had to give my first formal speech in my speech class today. After school I went to a job interview at a doggy daycare center. While I was there a minor-ish (if you can call a dog fight minor) dog fight broke out between two dogs. It freaked me out because I don't want to get injured/scarred for minimum wage and I wouldn't want to be the one that was taking care of the group of dogs if there was a dog fight and dogs were injured. Maybe I'm just making up excuses because I don't really want to get a job? Maybe it's a little bit of actually being worried about dog fights and a little bit of not wanting to work for someone. After my parent's having their sweet, loving, gentle, dog put to sleep for having aggression towards their other dog, the possibility of a dog being able to "snap" really freaks me out.

In other news, I had my nephews over night on the weekend. We made a snow storm in my empty, table-less kitchen. I had a HUGE box of packing peanuts and I let the boys have at it. We played Christmas music, had peanut ball fights, made snow angels, took turns pretending to be Santa and his elves, and danced around. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews, but it seriously just makes me ache for my own babies.

Tonight is my Friday night, no classes for the rest of the week. I had a delicious and nutritious meal of hummus, homemade pitas, and a really yummy heart of palms salad that I LURV, and washed it down with some chocolate soy milk. Now I'm off to go work on a tee design for my second favorite holiday, Halloween!
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Check out the KawaiiPunk blog! [24 Aug 2009|10:16am]
KawaiiPunk Blog!

Apple Noggin was featured on the supa-cute KawaiiPunk blog today. Go check it out!

p.s. T-shits! I hope they don't fix that type-o. I love naughty word type-os.
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Apple Noggin is featured in the Etsy Weekend Deals Newsletter! [21 Aug 2009|09:44am]
kawaii food,applenoggin apple noggin, peanut butter,jelly
25% off regular priced accessories and jewelry items!

The good business news is that my Peanut Butter and Jelly Best Friends Forever felt plushy pin set was chosen to be featured in the Etsy weekend deals newsletter!

The GREAT news is that I'm offering 25% off all regular priced jewelry and accessories.

Already discounted items and t-shirts are NOT included in this sale. I will refund the difference to your Paypal or you can request a revised invoice from me. This awesome deal lasts the entire weekend 8/21-8/23.

I'm so excited about this biz blessing! It's going to be great promotion! In the email I received from Etsy admin. they asked me to up the quantity of the item they are featuring "as items tend to sell very quickly from the email". Yaaaaay! I hope so! I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend it will look as though a plague of locust obliterated my shop.....a plague of felt plushy pin lovin' locust!

If you're an Etsy seller and would like to submit sales and special discounts for the Weekend Deals newsletter here is a link to the forum threads to do so. I had never heard of this promotion before. I just discovered it hanging out in the Etsy virtual labs that I recently became addicted to.
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Apple Noggin is now available at Sick For Cute! [20 Aug 2009|09:29pm]
kawaii tee,clothing shirt,tshirt applenoggin,apple noggin food,sweets candy

kawaii dog,poodle pink,applenoggin apple noggin, hairclip,barrette

kawaii cute, felt, bear,barrette,hairclip

I'm very happy to have some of my creations up for sale at Sick For Cute! My Sweets Gone Wild tees, Pink Spring Bear and White/Pink Circus Poodle Barrettes have moved over there. The owner and operator of Sick For Cute, Lindsay, has been one of my favorite handmade sellers for years! I'm really proud to have some of my creations up on her awesome site. Thanks Lindsay!!!!

And in other exciting biz news.....I was told something GREAT today! I'll explain it all tomorrow. It could help out some other Etsy sellers AND it means something extra special for shoppers! I can't freaking wait!

Now I have to go clean my trashed house because my cute little nephews are coming to sleep over tomorrow.
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A Chance of Sprinkles and Partly Doughnutty Tees are here!!! [17 Aug 2009|08:40pm]
cute kawaii,tee clothing,tshirt shirt,t shirt,applenoggin doughnut,food donut,sprinkles,happy

cute kawaii,food doughnut,donut tee,shirt tshirt

Yaaaay! Another tee design that I'm really excited about!
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